Tuesday, March 18, 2014

choosing your best bath towels

Getting out from your both with your wet body into soft bath towel which give you feel luxury is a nice feeling, and nice dream, while in most of time we go out in our small size, think bath towel.
So choosing your bath towel is very important to give your self some relaxation, comfort and luxury feeling.

Choosing your towels

all towels are made from different types of cotton. Some of the more expensive, high quality towels are made from products like Egyptian or Brazilian cotton. But the type of cotton shouldn't be your main concern when buying towels.
Choosing your bath towels is not done by talking about them you should feel and touch them, if it is soft and thick it mean it has been made from good materials, but if you feel it hard with scratches tough this mean it has been made from very low cotton fabrics where I advise you to go away from this type of cotton fabrics .
And choose the best bath towels fabrics cottons where it will also live longer with you.

Where to buy your bath towels

High quality doesn't mean high prices. Specialty some shops can charge higher prices for just the brand or for the type of fabrics used, also you should take care that a lot of bath towels are labeled with 100% cotton and they aren’t so you have to check it you self by moving your hands over it and feel its hair , checking if it is think or think , long or short threads.

Towel taking care

By taking care of your towel it can go living with you and with your family specially your children for long time may be 10 years and more but it all depend on how you take care of your towels and how you clean it.
You have to use good cleaners and warm water while you are cleaning your towels, you have to wash the dark and white colors separately and go away from softener as they really destroy the towels.

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